Cost U Less Septic

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Why have your System Inspected?

The purpose of an inspection is to evaluate the present and future performance of the existing system. Running water into a tank, performing a flow test, and pumping the tank through a 4 or 8 inch port does not fully evaluate the system and does not remove the solids. Cost-U-less Septic Pumping Service has points of inspection and disclosure. The inspection certificate should state all the findings and then may say something like "at the time of the inspection, the system appeared to be in satisfactory working order." Just because all the toilets flush and the drains empty into the system, the in-the-house conditions say little about the onsite system. For instance, if only two people have been living in the home with minimal water usage, there is no guarantee that the next occupants - a family of 3-5 for example, will not double the water usage and overload the system.

Most problems begin in the tank or can be diagnosed by gaining access and evacuating the tank. A comprehensive inspection can be performed, but first there has to be an access. In most cases, the tank has to be located. Upon locating the tank Cost-U-Less Septic Pumping Service will advise you of putting in risers (see below). There can be many lines over, near, and around the tank. There are cable tv lines, water lines, gas lines, phone lines, and believe it or not electric lines in close proximity to the tank.


An effluent filter can be added in most new or existing system into the outlet chamber. This filter is to prevent materials from clogging or ruining your disposal field. This filter requires periodic maintenance. The time intervals for maintenance of the filter will vary with the size of your family and the usage. The filter needs to be removed from the tank and cleaned, then re-inserted into the septic tank. Go to the first page of our site and watch the animated septic tank as it fills. This is what you septic tank looks like if you have a new septic tank. You will also see where the filter is located. Below shows you how to access it.

The filter is re-usable and should last for many years. Failure to clean this filter will result in SEWAGE BACKING UP INTO YOUR HOME.

RISERS: What are they and when should they be installed?

Cost-U-Less Septic Pumping Service recommends that all septic tanks have risers to the surface. Why? Because when they are at the surface there is no more digging when the tank needs to be accessed for inspection or cleaning. Even a few inches of digging in this area can be grueling. When there are more openings to see into the tank, problems can be easily diagnosed without expensive digging. Also, having risers to the surface eliminates disruption of you landscaping and a cost savings to you. Risers should be installed to manufactures specifications.